Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On stage banter

Intriguing intro
To the next song in this set
It's at the end why?

One of the reasons live recordings are fun is because you can hear the artist's introduction to the song, which is neat. Perhaps they will tell you about an entertaining anecdote, or regale you with tales of past glories! Perhaps it will be an enigmatic blurb that leaves you wondering what song in the artist's vast arsenal could be coming next!

And yet... recordings always put these lead-ins at the end of the previous track. Presumably, so that when listening to an album you get music immediately when you flip to the track you want. Sadly, however, that means I rarely get to hear the next song! Now I'll never know! DAMN YOU ALBUM FORMAT!


Christin said...

When I get back to Atlanta, I'll be doing that editing for a bunch of Harvey Danger tape. I've decided to include the relevant banter with the related track, before/after status be damned. I wonder if I'll get in trouble with the music police!

JD said...

Good for you! Damn the man! We must stand up for our right to non-obnoxious cuts!