Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Google Griping II

A feed is feed,
Unless said feed is a friend's.
Those you cannot sort.

Google reader again. They made it automagically pick up when people in my GMail address book start using Reader, which is dandy. But the Shared Feeds so created don't go into the usual list. They go into another, special list, that displays in a totally different spot on the page. And you can't *move* them to a folder like you can with every other feed. Oh no. You can only "hide" them. But I want to read the items... I just want to read the items *in the right fucking place*.

The solution? Write an email to your friend asking them for a link to their shared items. Go ahead and include instructions, because there isn't any easy fucking way to get this information and it primarily involves a unique 20-odd digit number that only God and Google know. Once the friend figures out how to do it and responds to you, manually add their Shared Feed to your reader. Then move it to the right folder. Then Hide the original feed that was added automatically.

Sound like too much work to you? You're damn right it is.

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