Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On Fruit as Evidence of a Higher Power

I hear: bananas
are proof of God's existence -
shape, size, delicious!

Then, please tell me why
it's so goddamn difficult
to start the peeling?

Blech. Nothing as yucky as banana-tops pureed by stems that refuse to peel.


Alex R. said...

sidewalk: a puddle
joyfully sings to heavens.
"pavement fits just right!"

Darker said...

the hidden secret
to peeling a banana:
try the other end

(What people think of as the "bottom" of the banana is actually the top. While there's no convenient handle on that end, you can kinda pinch off part of the nub there and peel off a strip [hard to describe, easier to demonstrate], which on a not-very-ripe banana is often much easier than going at it from the stemmed end.)

LisaBit said...

My life is change-ed!
Magnificent bottom peels
save me from the mush!