Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffee Woes, Entry the 57th

Pour the sugar, count:
One two three four - the perfect
coffee cup sweetness.

Alas! Malfunction!
Sugar chunks prevent pouring -
my count is thrown off.

The end result? My over-compensation lead to overly-sweetened coffee. Le sigh.

Monday, January 5, 2009

On Delta customer service

Missed my flight today.
Overzealous gate agent
closed the door early.

“The plane is right there!”,
I said while pointing at it,
still parked at the gate.

“I’m not even late!
It’s ten minutes till take-off!”,
I argued my case.

But he wouldn’t budge.
Refused to let me on board.
Now I’m on stand-by.

Granted, I was cutting it a bit close. But I got to the gate ten minutes before departure and the friggin' door was already closed! Not because the flight was leaving early. Nope. It sat there, parked at the jetway while I argued with the gate agent for ten minutes, then took off without me.