Monday, November 22, 2010

On Home Ownership

Dread sewage pipes break,
clog. Evil Birds. Ants. AC.
Is that mold? Let's rent.

On returning to the office

Oh dear vacation
That halcyon time of yore
Now I start Outlook

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sometimes, my fellow Christians embarass me to the point of rage.

A sin on Sunday,
Is a sin the whole week long.
crazy hypocrites.

Christians are dumb;
Why would you move Halloween?
just leave it alone!

I have a mountain
Of candy, worth a fortune.
and no-one to feed.

My poor coworkers:
I bring sweets. Anyone have
some spare insulin?

So apparently they claimed it was for safety (as if pedophiles aren't allowed to come outside on Saturday or something?) but my crazy paper (Dear Macon Telegraph: fuck you) pushed everyone to trick-or-treat yesterday while I was in Atlanta.

So now I've got a fuck-ton of candy that is coming to work with me tomorrow.