Thursday, March 27, 2008

On lethargic data operations

Dear Apache Log,

Flowers bloom and die,
Dear server log. Rome could fall
While you try to parse.

... or save.. or open.. or zip.. all of which I need to do to you. I understand you're about 500mb of raw ascii, but it's not like we're mistreating you here. Core2 duo.. gig of ram.. you have all you could ever want. And yet you're slooooooow. It may perhaps be that because of your size, you assume you need to stretch out the time it takes you to do anything to emphasize the mystique contained within your texty depths. I assure you this is not the case. We will be just as interested in your contents whether it takes you five seconds to open, or five hours.

Just... just wake me when you're done.. ok?

1 comment:

LisaBit said...

Your first Haiku post!
Good, proper, deserved bitching!
I'm so very proud ^_^