Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blame-shifting is the new paradigm-shifting

You never called me.
Then you called my boss and said,
"She won't return calls!"

Yeah, cover your ass.
Pretend that you tried. We're now
Opposites of friends.

Here's a friendly Corporate America tip: don't tell bold-faced lies to the superiors of people with whom you have to work. You garner yourself no favors with me by sending my boss an e-mail with the phrase "she's not returning my messages," especially after I've combed back through two weeks' worth of correspondence to confirm that you never contacted me.


JD said...

I hate to nitpick,
But I believe you meant bald
Or meant you: The Cake?

(sorry our customers suck)

Christin said...

Google seems to think
Both are viable sayings
I've always heard bold.

JD said...

Seem to think we both err here
And prefer barefaced

Apparently, Bold-Faced, while often used has a slightly different meaning. More like "Brash" or "Impudent". Bald-Faced has the same meaning as Barefaced, but barefaced is much older, and more generally accepted. It should be noted that "Ball-Faced" is *never* correct. ;)

Of course, I also see claims that Bold-Faced is the proper term in all cases, but since they lack reference I choose to believe they are the railing of internet madpeople. :)

I clearly need more work to do. In any case, I'm gonna stick with barefaced on the logic that it sounds cooler. ;)

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