Friday, January 25, 2008

Office 2007

Hey office Oh Seven?
How many times must I say

No really. If I
Press CTRL-C twice... EVEN THEN
I do not want it

Yeah, that's right. The fucking "Copy Panel" or whatever the fuck they call it. Has anyone ever given two shits about the last 15 things they copied? Really? Do they care enough that even after explicitly turning it off by clicking "Do not show", "Do not copy behind the scenes", and "Do not make it appear if I press CTRL-C twice" that they still mysteriously want it to show up if I press CTRL-C twice? And if they, in a spirit of spitefulness turn off that option AGAIN, do you think they want it to do THE SAME FUCKING THING THE NEXT TIME THEY OPEN THE PROGRAM?

Do you think that, Office 2007? Do you really think that? Because I really really mean it. I don't care about this feature. I don't want to see it. EVER. Do I need to agree to some more Terms of Service before you'll believe me? Because I will. Just make this damn thing go away!

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