Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Google Reader

Google Reader? Thrill!
But wait, why cannot I post
Links not RSS'd?

And while on the thought,
Comment system wouldn't suck
Nor would LJ streams. :P

Yup, I love google reader. I think the sharing system is freaking brilliant, I just wish they'd do more to make it a tiny little ad-hoc community of people I like (as opposed to tiny little ad-hoc communities of Internet People), rather than a simple RSS re-feeding application. :)


Alex R. said...

Indeed, I concur!
Reader wants to join Bookmarks
to top

(we should do that, for serious. also, you should be able to make your googlebookmarks public... I'll poke both groups, rest assured :) )

JD said...

Thank goodness for our man on the inside! :)