Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Google Reader:
If I click the bottom of
Long item? Don't Move!

I click and highlight while I read online. The new Google Reader formatting has a "quirk" where if an article is longer than a page, and I click on it, it'll jump to the top of the damn article. So I scroll to where I was reading, click to mentally mark my spot (I guess? I don't really know why I do this) and it jumps to the top again!


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Patrick said...

Ridiculously late comment:

My mouse performs a sort of obsessive random walk while I read--I suspect it's some sort of subconscious fidgeting. So yeah, quirks like this drive me up the wall.

Google's personal homepage has a similar oddity where if you move the mouse too far out of the current mini-frame you're in, it'll jump to the top. I rage as a result of it often.