Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Bananas

Potassium source
Lengthy slender yellow fruit
Eating you looks queer

MMMM bananas are good, a great source of potassioum and fiber. The perfect breakfast in so many ways. However, does anyone else feel a little queer when shoving such a phallic object into there mouth and enjoying it? Maybe it's just me.


Christin said...


LisaBit said...

How about when you eat a... er... hmm, I'm having trouble coming up with a yonical fruit. Ah well. Is that even a word? Seems like it should be, if phallic is.

Robby, hasn't anyone told you you're not supposed to deep-throat it?

Amelia said...

"Yonic" is totally a word, just for some reason, it doesn't appear in the lexicon quite as frequently as "phallic" does. I think that the tomato, aka, the Love Apple has been described as yonic.

I tend to break bits off my banana, eating it a piece at a time, instead of taking bites from the whole fruit. Would such an action appear to be castrating?

Rob Prince said...

gah! bad banana eating strategies, I'd much rather appear to appear to be administering felacio that castrating or circumcizing!