Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Load Balancing

Six elevators
Serving only 14 floors.
Short waits would be nice.

The elevator algorithm in the building here at work is nothing even -slightly- approaching efficient. I won't even start on how often the "floor beeps" get confused, or how often I hear the elevator whizzing by when I've been waiting forever. With such a high elevator-to-floor ration, I should NOT be having to wait 5 minutes. Srsly.


Alex R. said...

Another approach
affords badassery, speed:
consider the stairs?

LisaBit said...

Easy Exercise!
Get you 19 Floors a day!
Alas for locked doors ;_;

JD said...

Your stairwell is locked?
That seems.... a might unwise.
Hit them with hammers?

LisaBit said...

One can go downwards -
however you can't go up.
Only for escaping.

While good in a fire,
this does not alleviate
the morning slowness.